The History of Sunday Brunch

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The History of Sunday Brunch

Have you ever wondered about the history of brunch and how and how this popular midday indulgence originated?

As quintessentially weekend as it gets, the origins of brunch tell a story of social shifts, cultural blending, and the evolution of dining habits. Let’s embark on this journey, beginning with the origin of brunch and arriving at the luxurious heights of Rosa Sky’s Sunday Soiree.

The Emergence of Brunch: Where it All Began

The brunch origin story begins in 19th-century England, initially touted as a feast for hunting parties. The multi-course, late-morning meal started gaining traction as an urban meal served post-church. It was an innovative mix of late breakfast and early lunch, providing a lighter, more leisurely alternative to the heavy, post-church Sunday dinners.

Brunch then traveled across the Atlantic, finding its place in the American food culture by the early 1930s. It served as a convenient solution for those looking to socialize on Sunday without the constraints of traditional meal times. This leisurely, decadent meal has since become a staple of American weekends and a symbol of relaxation and indulgence.

Elevating Brunch to New Heights: Rosa Sky Rooftop’s Sunday Soiree

At Rosa Sky, Miami’s most exclusive rooftop lounge, we’ve taken this beloved tradition a step further. Here, Sunday Brunch is not merely a meal but a culinary journey.

Our Sunday Soiree reimagines the traditional brunch experience, seamlessly blending globally inspired bites, hand-crafted cocktails, and panoramic Miami skyline views. Available every Sunday from 2 PM to 11:30 PM, it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere.

Savor the World on a Plate

The Sunday Soiree menu draws inspiration from across the globe, offering a rich palette of flavors, textures, and ingredients. From the subtly spicy Chilled Shrimp with chipotle cocktail sauce and yucca chips to the hearty Steak & Egg Chilaquiles with blue corn tortillas and chimichurri aioli, every item on the menu is designed to impress.

Vegetarian-friendly offerings such as the colorful Fresh Fruit with coconut granola and Rosé Chantilly or the Avocado Toast with Peppadew-Whipped Feta ensure there’s something for everyone. And let’s not forget the indulgent Rosey Cakes, our signature pink pancakes with maple macerated strawberry, a perfect ending to your brunch soiree.

Celebrate with Bottomless Bubbly



No brunch is complete without a touch of effervescence. For a set price per person, enjoy a 2-hour bottomless celebration featuring a selection of premium champagnes from G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon Rosé to Moët Imperial Rosé. Alternatively, explore our unique sangrias like our Pinot Noir with Santa Teresa 1796 Rum, strawberry, and citrus.

Savor the Legacy of Sunday Brunch with Rosa Sky’s Delicious Offerings

Rosa Sky Rooftop is more than a bar; it’s a destination. It’s where Miami meets to relish the decadence of brunch amidst breathtaking city views. So, as you now know the brunch history and its journey from England to America, why not experience the pinnacle of its evolution at Rosa Sky Rooftop?

The next time you’re craving a Sunday brunch, look no further than the sky-high retreat of Rosa Sky and let the magic of the Sunday Soiree unfold. There, in the midst of the shimmering Miami skyline, you’ll find the quintessence of brunch, served with style and serenity.

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